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Life Can
Be Better

It's time to end your struggles and connect with your inner knowing

Discover the key to your own intuition

Learn how to care for your mind, body and soul
Yoga at Home

Intuitive Life Coaching

 Tapping into your own intuition, we work on listening to your body, mind and spirit helping you find the right answers for yourself.


What we put into our bodies is either fueling disease or fighting it. Creating healthy habits and lifestyle is the most successful way to improve our well being. 

Energy Healing

Reiki helps by creating a healthier and stronger flow of energy within and around the energetic points or (chakras) of the body. 

Healing Tea Ceremonies

Tea ceremonies are a safe place to release stuck energy, connect with and move your chakra energy. 


Hi, I'm Lisa

I didn't always connect with my own intuition but once I started, life got a whole lot better!

I'm an energy worker and intuition guide. It's not my job to know the answers for you, it's my job to guide you to the knowing within yourself.

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