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About Lisa


As a Certified Holistic Nutrition Consultant I help people the struggles of finding balance with life,  self-care and nourishment. I guide others into their own natural rhythms of life. Within my coaching practice, I hold a safe space to help others move through their thoughts, emotions and balance their energy. I'm passionate about helping people heal their mind, body and spirit holistically.  Whether it be nutrition guidance, spiritual guidance or help with personal or business goals I encourage self-advocacy through the process.

More about my journey

I am an intuitive wellness/empowerment coach, holistic nutritionist, cancer survivor, reiki practitioner, life skills coach, Breath-work instructor, artist, writer, meditating momma, mindful eater, photographer, entrepreneur, lover of life, freedom fighter and I encourage the liberation of autonomy.

Self direction wasn't a card I played in my early adulthood, I made decisions based on what I thought my family felt was best for me, and this led me down a dark and destructive path because I wasn't in alignment with who I really was. Because I was confused. I am a survivor of depression, abuse and childhood trauma. Surviving was all I was doing up until I realized there had to be more to life, happiness had to be out there. But where?

My self discovery path started in 2009. I was referred to a counsellor who helped me with the  adoption of autonomy and leading a life that aligned with my souls' purpose. From there I continuously discovered ways I could improve how I navigated this earth. 

The most valuable lessons I have learned were trusting my own intuition and forgiveness towards others.

These skills help me immensely when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in July of 2021. I was able to navigate my options with a clear mind and not be forced into anything I didn't feel aligned with.


My diversity and eagerness to learn has brought me to this place where I offer a safe space to discover your own body, mind and spirit connection. I truly believe we thrive when we address ourselves authentically as a whole and learn to live in balance. 

Do you feel like you're living life the way you want?

Do you live your life not caring what others think?

Are you comfortable saying "no" to people?

If you answered no to any of these, my coaching is meant to help you sync with your true energy and live unapologetically.

"Making decisions around what is right for you personally,
helps bring balance within your energy fields"

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